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Cigar Review: Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill (Cuba)

In this episode of Segal and Cigars…

Segal smokes the Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill


So – What’s the difference between a regular churchill and a short churchill? And why is it called a churchill anyway??

The Churchill cigar is said to be named such in honor of Sir Winston Churchill (and if you don’t know who that is, GOOGLE him!) Winston Churchill was an avid cigar smoker, at one point smoking 8-10 cigars PER DAY… now that’s serious smokin’!

The Churchill cigar is about a 1hr-1.5hr smoke. It is a LONG cigar. The short Churchill? Well, it’s just that – a shorter version of the Churchill.

To explain further – think of terms like Churchill, Torpedo, Corona, etc as general terms. Just like many restaurants would carry a small, medium, and large soda, many cigar makers carry Churchills, Torpedos, and Coronas. ┬áThe DIFFERENCE is in the maker. A Romeo Y Julieta Churchill could be quite a different smoke from say, a Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill. Get it??

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