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Rocky Patel Cigar’s CUBAN roller Hamlet Paredes interview IPCPR 2015 Cigar Trade Show in New Orleans



Alec Bradley interview IPCPR 2014 w/ Sam Philips new cigar releases for 2014 from Las Vegas

Rocky Patel interview IPCPR 2014 Las Vegas w/ Nish Patel new release SUPER LIGERO cigar

Rocky Patel interview IPCPR 2014 Las Vegas w/ “Nimmy D” new release CATCH22 cigar

Rocky Patel Prohibition Interview IPCPR 2014 Las Vegas new cigar release with Jessica


IPCPR 2014 Cigar convention Las Vegas Welcome!

Alec Bradley Makes It RAIN IPCPR2014

Welcome to the Palms-Party Central in Las Vegas

All attendees of the IPCPR2014 were graciously invited to party with ALEC BRADLEY. Free Entrance to RAIN -one of the huge outdoor party spots @ the PALMS hotel. Free drinks! Co-Sponsored by a vodka & tequila company plus VOSS water.
Get your photo taken in front of all the sponsors back drop just like the real celebrities!

Are we famous? We felt like it.
Upon entering you are handled a Maloof Bros. Cigar in honor of the owners of THE PALMS.


20140722-123208-45128634.jpg I really enjoyed the medium full flavored Churchill cigar. I did not see any of the brothers there, but I’m sure one was there in the exclusive super VIP area, not to be confused with the regular VIP area….
I guess I’m lucky and I was invited by some AB peeps to the exclusive VIP area.

20140722-123516-45316366.jpg Great photo opportunity! Alan Rubin is a most gracious host, getting down from the VIP area to schmooze with everyone. What a great guy. Sammy Philips, marketing VP, part time DJ, was keeping the party going all night long offering 100 shots at a time to those gathering around the stage.
Of course it would be a cigar event with out MORE cigars. This was NOT meant to be a 1 cigar night, hence a repeat of the “Willy Wonka” inspired CIGAR BAR, complete with a GOLDEN TICKET(the winner gets a donkey?).

20140722-123927-45567198.jpg Alan Rubin, President and founder of Alec Bradley cigars named his company after his two boys. And thanks for the delightful cigars.


Once you open your bars, look for the golden ticket! I was very happy to receive one of my favorite AB cigars:Black Market, plus the Nica Puro & the LINEAGE.
I join all the other attendees of the IPCPR2014 Convention thanking Alan Rubin, Sam Philips & the whole ALEC BRADLEY Company for inviting us to celebrate.

Catch22 by Rocky Patel

How does Rocky do it?

photo (6)

How does RP make a really well made delicious cigar for our $5 retail? And the tabbaconist’s ask WHY?
Rocky wants to make sure that no one has an excuse for not enjoying a hand made premium cigar and for $5, there is no excuse!

What time is it? It’s #IPCPR2014 in #LasVegas

International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR), if you were wondering…
This is a WHOLESALE only trade show for all the retailers from all over the world come to see “WHAT’s NEW” as far as smoking paraphernalia and accessories and what ever else can be smoked….yes, even Hookah’s are here too!

Will not be @ the #IPCPR2014 this year in #LasVegas

Cuban Cohibas Will not be @ the #IPCPR2014 this year in #LasVegas

It all begins NOW! July 19-23, 2014 @ the Sands Expo Center,Las Vegas, Nevada
Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, and of course RIGHT here @
There will be over 350 exhibitors and over 1,600 booths. Saturday begins “officially with the IPCPR Gala Opening Reception for everyone to say “HELLO”! Then on Sunday, the exhibition floor opens….
Meet us back here and across all social media platforms and follow us thru the smoke (no mirrors) and we will show you what is going on. Stay Tuned.
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel…..

Time to party!

Time to party!

The Great Dane!

The Great Dane!

Hanging with Marvin Samuel et al

Hanging with Marvin Samuel et al

Nish Patel being so "BOLD"

Nish Patel being so “BOLD”

IPCPR 2013 ROOM 101 Cigars: Matt Booth interview Las Vegas


Matt Booth is such a character.Who is interviewing who here? BAM! He’s well known in the Cigar world as the creator of ROOM 101 Cigars produced and distributed by Davidoff. He likes to be the CHARACTER at Davidoff which has for ages has been a well heeled Gentlemen’s company and cigar maker.By adding Matt Booth to the line up at Davidoff, it certainly brings them up-to-date and getting hip with the new generation of cigar smokers. Matt Booth’s original claim to fame was a line of high-end sterling silver accessories and he parlayed that into an equally successful cigar brand, small, but powerful, and extremely well known…Matt Booth is a traveling man too so be on a look out for him at your local tobacconist soon. Here in the video, he talks to SEGALandCIGARS at the recent IPCPR wholesale trade show in Las Vegas about a few of his latest and great products. He has added to his sterling line of accessories to bring in the more affordable stainless steel collection- all hand made here in the good ole US of A.Look out for the Swill & Swank ceramic bow tie! He says,’Support the USA and support small businesses,” plus two new lines of Cigars..Please watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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